Month: September 2016

Back to school

As the new school year approaches, I am reminded of a saying my mother used to say; “You ain’t  got to leave, but you ain’t staying here.”  Now, I know some parents are  relieved their little ankle biters...

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Who We Are

With Everyone Responsible, Families are More Involved, Linked and Educated ( We R Famile), is the leading resource website providing education, and resources for parents and providers of individuals with mental health and intellectual disabilities. We R Famile believes in a community-based approach to services to our community. All services provided by We R Famile are delivered to families and providers in a format that is suitable to their needs and culture by professionals who work serve the world of disabilities.

*We R Families Objectives:

*We R Famile will provide education and training on the on- going changes in the world of Special Needs

*Dedicated to the creative and collaborative partnership of resources at the local, state, and national level

We R Famile trains new parents of Special Needs Children We know parenting does not come with an instruction manual, and neither does parenting children with special needs. We R Famile is committed to helping families understand their child's diagnosis as well provide tips, resources, and referrals for families.WE R Famile believes outside of loving your baby, knowing how to take care of them is important too.

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